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Out History & Values

Established in 2003 in London, United Kingdom, Icone started out as a trusted vendor of premium quality tea and snack products from around the World, supplying the needs of high end restaurants, hotel chains and food service operators. Over the years, Icone grew from strength to strength and focused on providing a fully vertically integrated service to its core customer base. Adding packaging , processing and distribution units within the Group has enabled Icone to provide a one stop shop to brands looking for a turnkey solution for their retail requirements. Fast forward to the present day, Icone has established itself a pan European business striving to continually evolve as per the needs of our clients and deliver customer excellence.

At Icone, we believe the quality of our service is just as important as the quality of what we produce, and our growth and long lasting customer relations is testament to this. Throughout our businesses we hold the core values of integrity, respect and innovation in business as central to our ambitions as a responsible employer and trusted supplier.

Our Credentials

Our operational process has evolved over the last two decades to continually seek out areas for improvement. We are proud to ensure all our products are compliant with BRC and SALSA manufacturing standards. Our strive for continuous excellence is at the heart of our operation, ensuring we provide our customers a trusted, cost effective and high quality service every time.

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Our Approach

Understanding Opportunity

We pride ourselves on being very proactive with our customers. We work by carefully listening to our clients, taking time to fully understand their requirements and ambitions, and then provide insights from our experience within the FMCG sector alongside industry research to formulate a workable solution together with a project plan. Our success is very much intertwined with those of our clients, so we look at every opportunity as if it was our own business, remaining as objective as we can to ensure all elements are fully optimized. We are able to provide a single point of contact for any project ensuring a co-ordianated approach is provided between the different business units.

Understanding Relationships

Starting from one desk and a delivery van, we know what it takes to build a business. We look beyond size and scale and look to build meaningful relationships with all our stakeholders, offering exactly the same level of support and service to all customers to help drive mutual opportunities and share success.

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